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Classic Climbs of Cumbria

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This page provides a list of some of our favorite climbs within the lake District and Cumbria. One day we hope to add a little commentary about each one and the ability to sort them. If we have missed any of your favourites please let us know.

The Fell and Rock Climbing Club provide a good history of climbing in the Lake District.

Napes Needle, 55ft Hard VDiff
Needle Ridge, The Napes, 325ft VDiff
Little Chamonix, Shepherd's Crag, 200ft VDiff
Gillercombe Buttress, Grey Knotts, 360ft Mild Severe
Troutdale Pinnacle, Black Crag, 375ft Mild Severe
Bracket and Slab, Gimmer Crag, 295ft Severe
Ash Tree Slabs and C Route, Gimmer Crag, 355ft Severe
Bowfell Butress, 350ft Hard Diff
Murray's Route, Dow Crag, 250ft Severe
Jone's Route Direct from Lord's Rake, Scafell Crag, 215ft Severe
Moss Ghyll Grooves, Scafell Crag, 260ft Hard Severe
Tophett Wall, The Napes, 245ft Hard Severe
New West Climb, Pillar Rock, 290ft, Hard Diff
Rib and Slab Climb, Pillar Rock, 300ft Severe
Central Buttress, Scafell Crag, 470ft, E1
Ichabod, Scafell East Butress, 240ft E1 5b
Central Pillar, Esk Buttress, 495ft E2 5b
Gormenghast, Heron Crag, 300ft E1 5a
Engineer's Slabs, Gable Crag, 180ft VS 4c
Praying Mantis, Goat Crag, 260ft E1 5a
The Crack, Gimmer Crag, 240ft VS 4b
Kipling Groove, Gimmer Crag, 175ft HVS 5a
North Crag Eliminate, Castle Rock of Triermain, E1 5b
Extol, Dove Crag, 200ft E2 5b
Moss Ghyll, Scafell Crag, 400ft Grade 4
Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag, 650ft Grade 4/5
Great Gully, Wasdale Screes, 1000ft Grade 4/5
Inaccessible Gully, Dove Crag, 350ft Grade 4/5
Dove Crag Gully, Grassmoor, 300ft Grade 4
Great End Gully, 650ft Grade 3
Raven Crag Gully, 500ft Grade 3
Philistine, High Crag, E1 5b
Botterill's Slab, Scafell Crag, VS 4c
North West Arete and F Route, Gimmer, VS 4c
Overhanging Bastion, Castle Rock Triermain, VS 4c
Gordian knot, White Ghyll, VS 4c
Rake End Wall, Pavey Ark, VS 4c
Arcturus and Golden Slipper, Pavey Ark, HVS 5a
Eliminate A, Dow Crag, VS 4c
Brown Slabs, Shepherds Crag, Diff
Aros, Shepherds Crag, E1 5c
Ardus, Shepherds Crag, Hard Severe
Mandrake, Quayfoot Buttress, HVS 5a
Lakeland Cragsman, Sergeant Crag Slabs, HVS 5a
Eagles Nest Ridge Direct, The Napes, Mild VS 4b
Fools Paradise, Gowder Crag, Mild VS 4b
Corvus, Raven Crag, Diff
Eagle Front, Eagle Crag, VS4c
Kern Knotts Crack, Kern Knotts, VS 4c
Bridge's Route, Esk Buttress, Hard Severe
Mickledore Grooves, Scafell East Buttress, VS 4c
Great Eastern Route and Yellow Slab, Scafell East Buttress, MVS/HVS 5a
Grooved Arete, Pike's Cragm V Diff
Thomas, Wallowbarrow Crag, Hard Severe
Gordon and Craig's Route, Dow Crag, Hard VDiff
Middlefell Buttress, Raven Crag, Diff
Spinnup, Falcon Crag, VS 4c
Honister Wall, Buckstone How, Hard Severe
Harrow Buttress, Rib and Wall, Oxford and Cambridge Direct Route, Grey Crag, Mild Severe
North West Climb, Pillar Rock, Mild VS 4b
South West Climb, Pillar Rock, Mild VS 4b

These are routes that we have enjoyed many times over the years and climb many of them on a pretty regular basis on our climbing courses and holidays.

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Napes Needle, locally regarded as the birth place of rock climbing when ascended solo by Walter Parry Haskett-Smith in June of 1886.
Photo: Abraham brothers (Courtesy of the Fell and Rock Climbing Club).


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