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Go Higher Trip Sheet 2011


  Global Adventures:
  Argolis, Greece
(4 - 11 April)
  Navarre, Spain
(16 - 23 May)
  Arige, France
(12 - 19 Sept)
  Kalymnos, Greece
(18 - 26 Oct)
(3 - 10 Dec)
  Other Destinations:

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Tourist Info

A 'topo' guide to all our trips listed on one page.

In addition to our annual ice climbing trip to Colorado, this year we will be climbing in Rjukan, Norway in March.

Provence, France
16th - 23rd  April, 600

A week of early season rock climbing as we explore the Calanques and and the crags around Ouro.  Fly to Marseilles.

Galicia, Spain
14th - 21st May, 580

We fly to Santiago de Compostela, a region of religious and historical interest - as well as some spectacular climbing along the rugged Galicia coastline of NW Spain,

Montanejos, Spain
10th - 17th September,

Montanejos is a limestone paradise located at 500m in the higher Mijaris region, 90km to the north of Valencia.  There are over 1400 climbs, Via Ferratas, canyons and thermals springs.

Kalymnos, Greece
8th - 16th October, 580

A rock climbing paradise in the Aegean, the island of Kalymnos has routes to delight everyone.

El Chorro, Spain
3rd Dec - 10th Dec, 580

Convenient flights, a wealth of great crags and climbs and a real climber- oriented environment. Spain in December never fails to please.

UK Weekends
We will hold a series of climbing weekends
9th - 10th April - Peak District climbing, 45
18th - 19th June - North Wales climbing, 45
14th - 15th November - Peak District Climbing, 45

Other weekends will be posted on our website.

And of course we will be climbing in the Lake District throughout the year.

Like to know more?

You can download a printable copy of this page here. You can also view our complete Tariff and Calendar of Events, which includes details of all our current offerings.

Find out more about climbing and scrambling (including fitness requirements and what you need to provide).

If you'd like to know more about these holidays and/or Go Higher and our our services in general, please feel free to contact us at High Dyon Side.

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This page last updated: 9th January, 2011

Argolis rock climbing

Seaside crag in Argolis, Greece

Ariege crags

The area around Arige, France

Kalymnos climbing

Island climbing, Kalymnos

Spanish climbing

Spanish rock




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