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High Dyon Side - Directions

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Travelling By Car

If You Are Coming from The South

From the M6 Motorway take the Penrith exit (Exit No. 40). At this Exit, take the A66 west (left) to Keswick (you don't need to go into Penrith).

Follow the A66 into the Lakes and on around Keswick (Keswick is bypassed but well worth a stop). Continue on the A66 towards Cockermouth.

Cockermouth is also bypassed by the A66, so stay on this road at the roundabout junction with the A5086 (marked by the Sheep and Wool Centre), and continue towards Workington/Whitehaven.

Turn left at the next roundabout (the junction with the A595 to Carlisle) and continue on the A66 towards Workington/Whitehaven.

Then follow the From Cockermouth directions below.

If You Are Coming from The North

Take the A74 South towards Carlisle. At the start of the M6 (Junction 44) continue on the A74 into Carlisle. Once in Carlisle, follow the signs for the A595 to Workington (there are a number of turns to make in Carlisle, so keep your eyes open).

From Carlisle, follow the A595 southwest towards Cockermouth. You will come upon a roundabout which is the junction between the A595 to Whitehaven and the A596 to Workington/Maryport. Take the A595 to Whitehaven.

At the next roundabout (the junction with the A5086 into Cockermouth), stay on the A595 (signposted to Workington, Whitehaven and Keswick) and bypass Cockermouth.

At the next roundabout, turn right (third exit) to continue on the A595 to Workington/Whitehaven. Then follow the From Cockermouth directions below.

From Cockermouth

After about 4 miles you will come upon the junction with the A595 to Whitehaven (a roundabout). Turn left and take the A595 south past the wind turbines towards Whitehaven. Go straight through the Lillyhall roundabout, passing numerous car yards on your right.

Soon afterwards you will enter the village of Distington, and come upon a set of traffic lights (the junction with the A597 to Workington). Continue straight ahead towards Whitehaven.

The road takes a gentle left hand bend, and you will see a white sign pointing left to Pica and the Crematorium (there is also a road leading to the right into Distington proper - ignore this).

The Pica road is well hidden, so be ready for it. Take this left hand turn and follow the road past the Crematorium towards Pica and Gilgarran.

Carry on past the turnoff to Gilgarran on your left. A little way beyond and at the bottom of a hill, you will find a right-hand turn into a little road leading up to Pica (pronounced pie-ca, it is local dialect from the Latin for Magpie).

Follow this road under the now nonexistent railway bridge, past a farm on your left (Low Dyonside), then another house on your right (alongside a little lane). Just beyond this house, and on your left, is the entrance into High Dyon Side. You can't see the house from the road as it's hidden by its lovely hedges and gardens. But there are large white signs by the entrance saying 'High Dyonside', so you shouldn't miss it.

Travelling By Train

Coming by rail is quite easy. Just catch a train to Carlisle, where you must change for another to Workington and Whitehaven. Workington is the closest stop to us, and from there you can catch a Taxi to High Dyon Side, or a bus to Distington, or if you've any sense, you'll tell us you're coming and we'll come and pick you up from the station.

We can also collect you from Penrith railway station should you prefer, but this will incur a charge (it's about an hour's drive each way).


Location Map - Lake District

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Location Map - High Dyon Side

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