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Abseiling, the various techniques used to descend ropes, is an integral part of climbing, but in itself is a fun and exhilarating experience. Whether you'd like to try it for a thrill-seeking day or wish to learn about the whole range of abseiling techniques, we will tailor a course to suit your needs.

Thrill-seekers (one to two days)

Come with us and we'll throw you off some of the most exciting and impressive rock faces in the Lake District. Experience the buzz of a free-hanging abseil two hundred feet above the water. Watch your friends disappear into space, safe in the knowledge that you're next! Alternatively, why not head face first down one of the many crags of the Lakes District?!

This is a fantastic group activity for any stag or hen weekend at any time of year. Groups of any size welcome.

We also offer abseiling for charity and promotional events.

Enjoy your flight!

Advanced abseiling course

During your course we will tutor you in the art of abseiling, covering all aspects from:

  • rigging an abseil;

  • choice of anchors;

  • abseil technique (Italian hitch, belay plate, figure-of-eight, karabiner brake, etc);

  • releasable abseils;

  • recoverable abseils using both single and twin rope devices;

  • multi-pitch abseils;

  • stacked abseils;

  • traditional abseils;

  • abseiling with an injured person;

  • abseil backup techniques including: use of prussiks, shunt, kleimheist; and

  • hazards and precautions.


The majority of our abseils are located within the Lake District, but between autumn and spring, if you would like to learn more on one of our Sun Rock holidays in the Mediterranean (including Mallorca, Sardinia, Costa Blanca, Corsica), then you'd be most welcome to join us.

We also offer weekend breaks to other top quality venues in the UK, including North Wales, The Peak District, Scottish Islands and Cornwall.

In the Lake District, favourite abseils include: Shepherd's Crag Belvedere, Brown Slabs, and Hodge Close Quarry.

Conditions / Level of Difficulty / Fitness Requirements

We cover a wide spectra of difficulty from beginner to expert, so whether it is your first time or one of many, we can cater to your particular needs or desires. Our clients range from young to old and from low to high fitness, and neither age or physical condition are barriers to an enjoyable holiday with Go Higher. We have found that the most important factor in you achieving your goals is self-confidence, which we believe we can enhance.

What We Provide

Go Higher will provide:

  • instructor/s;

  • all technical equipment as required (e.g. helmets, ropes, harness); and

  • transport to and from the crags (but see specific courses and holidays for exclusions - e.g. airfares).

What You Need to Provide

You will need to provide:

  • adequate personal insurance;

  • sturdy footwear;

  • gloves;

  • waterproofs;

  • spare underwear;

  • small rucksack (if possible);

  • warm clothing (regardless of weather);

  • camera;

  • packed lunch / flask;

  • sun cream / lip balm; and

  • small amount of cash.

Remember that conditions can change rapidly in the hills, so always be prepared! It is often worth bringing along a spare set of clothing to change into at the end of the day in the event that conditions do worsen.

Also check the conditions for your chosen course or holiday, as requirements vary for each course/holiday.

Scheduled Courses and Holidays

Below are the scheduled courses and holidays for this activity. For the full list of activities, courses and holidays please refer to the Tariff and Calendar.

Abseiling Courses in the Lakes




26/03 - 27/03



23/04 - 24/04



04/06 - 05/06




Thrillseekers' Abseiling

Number of people


Price (pp)

1 person



2 people



3 +



Prices for Thrillseekers' Abseiling are per person per day.

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Dropping over the lip into Hodge Close...

Descending into the depths of Hodge Close.