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Kangchenjunga Trek , Sikkim (India)


Our 28-day Himalayan expedition will take us to Sikkim, a beautiful corner of India bordered by Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan.

Sikkim is a naturalist's paradise, ranging from semi-tropical valleys, through oak and rhododendron forests, to snow peaks and glaciers. It has a unique blend of many cultures, and the protective deity of the Sikkimese � Kangchenjunga, the world's third highest mountain � dominates the landscape.

We begin our journey in Darjeeling; a reminder of the days of the British Raj. After a day's sightseeing, we cross the border into Sikkim and begin our trek.

We follow the Singalila Ridge, renowned as one of the most scenic walks in the Himalaya, with views ranging to Everest, Lhotse and Makalu and closer at hand Kangchenjunga and Jannu.

Our trek takes us through Singalila National Park � home to Crimson Pheasants and the endangered Red Panda � traversing over alpine ridges and passes first opened in 2000.

We will stay in a variety of delightful campsites, and arriving at Dzongri (4,030m), we will pitch camp among the awesome presence of no less than 14 peaks rising to over 20,000ft! Here we'll explore the Rathong Glacier, before dropping to cross the Ongathang River and then ascending under the jagged walls of Pandim to the holy Samity Lake. An early morning climb will take us to the Goecha La, where we look straight up to the hanging glaciers of Kangchen-junga's dramatic southeast face.

We then return to Yoksum via Thangsing and Tshoka. Now ready to spoil ourselves, we can enjoy the atmosphere of the fine old colonial hotels, visit exotic bazaars, Tibetan Buddhist temples and tea gardens in the capital Gangtok and the fine old trading station Kalimpong.

As usual we will trek at a leisurely pace, taking ample time to acclimatise, explore our surroundings, and soak up the local culture and atmosphere.

For those of you who have not the vacation allowance to complete our full trek, we can offer a 23-day itinerary.

Minimum party required for trek = 6.


The weather of Sikkim is governed by the monsoon, season and altitude. The monsoon system provides for windows of clear settled weather between October and May. The mid winter months of December through February are too cold to visit the higher elevations and so Sikkim has two distinct trekking seasons sandwiched between the winter and the monsoon seasons: September to November and February to May.


This trekking expedition will rise up to 16,000ft and possibly as high as 20,000ft on the summits of trekking peaks.

During our approach we can expect to be baked by the lowland sun and drenched by afternoon storms. The temperature will fall quickly after sunset and sitting outside in the evenings will feel cold so bring a warm duvet and hat along.

At higher elevations we expect temperatures to fall as low as -20°C during the night, so good sleeping bags are essential. The sun is always strong in the mountains necessitating sun glasses, sunscreen and plenty of lip balm.

What we Provide

Our holidays begin and end in Calcutta. In Calcutta we will provide comfortable hotel accommodation (but each individual is responsible for paying for their own food).

Once we leave Calcutta we will organise and provide all food and accommodation, either in hotels, lodges or tents.

Our team will comprise a Sirdar, cooks, porters and climbing sherpas. Under our direction, the Sirdar will act as the leader for the team members and is responsible for the well being of the porters, purchasing food en route and liasing with lodge owners, etc.

We will provide an exciting and entertaining itinerary for the expedition and will guide throughout.

The Go Higher team will also provide high altitude medical expertise and emergency high altitude medication in the unlikely event that it may be required.

What We Do Not Provide

You will need to provide:

  • adequate personal and travel insurance;

  • travel to Calcutta;

  • personal clothing suitable for trekking and which takes into account cultural sensibilities (eg. long skirts or slacks for women);

  • sturdy, waterproof, comfortable footwear suitable for extended periods of walking;

  • pair of light shoes or sandals for wearing around camp;

  • waterproofs;

  • small rucksack for day walking;

  • large backpack for all your personal clothing and equipment (this will be carried for you by a porter);

  • sleeping bag suitable for himalayan conditions (we or your outdoor shop can advise);

  • warm clothing (regardless of weather);

  • camera;

  • water bottle / flask;

  • sun cream and lip balm; and

  • money ($US) in cash and traveller's cheques.

We require you to bring your belongings in a backpack rather than a suitcase, as a rucksack is infinitely easier for the porters to carry than a case.

We will encounter many tea houses along the way and we suggest that you allow for US$10 day spending money (note if you drink beer in the evenings you may want to allow for more).

At the end of the trip it is customary to tip the staff. Our fee does not include these tips for the staff as staff numbers may not be known in advance. We will, however, co-ordinate the collection and distribution of tips.

Conditions can change rapidly in the mountains, so always be prepared!

Scheduled Holidays

Sikkim, India


Dates: Please call




Go Higher holiday fee


Based on twin-share, 28 days.
Includes: local transfers between hotels & airports, 7 nights� accommodation in hotels, transport to and from roadhead, all trekking arrangements (e.g. trekking permits, guides, porters, camping equipment, food). Single supplement �120.


Not included and arranged by you:


Return flight


You need to book your own flight from the UK regional airport of your choice to Calcutta, India.


Travel Insurance


Indian Visa


Food when in hotels


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